Designed for everyone from professional painters right down to DIYers, the Two Fussy Blokes paint rollers are intended to make every project a breeze — whether it’s a large commercial job or a quick home fix — and are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the high standards we’re known for. Every roller in our range produces world-class results (ultra-smooth finishes at ultra-high speeds and with minimal splatter) — but there are some small differences between products that mean certain ones are better suited for certain jobs.

So how can you tell which paint roller is right for you? Here’s a handy breakdown of all the Two Fussy Blokes paint rollers and what you should use them for.

Two Fussy Blokes 5mm nap | 100mm

Our 5mm-nap microfibre mini rollers come in a 100mm length and are best for painting the likes of furniture, kitchen units, window frames, and door frames — essentially anything small that requires a smooth, spray-like finish. The shortest nap in our mini-roller range, the 5mm is gaining huge popularity within upcycling communities. By enabling you to achieve a flawless finish without a spray gun, these 5mm rollers allow painters to transform old kitchens and furniture at a seriously low cost.

10MMNAP10PACK 900x

Two Fussy Blokes 10mm nap | 100mm

The 10mm-nap version of our mini microfibre rollers also comes in a 100mm length. This particular roller holds a considerable amount of paint, washes out easily, and is ideal to cut walls and ceilings in conjunction with our 10mm-nap big rollers, as doing so will result in a uniform finish with no picture framing. Perfect for use on radiators, exterior weatherboards, and previously painted surfaces, these mini rollers eliminate the need to lay off your paint.



Two Fussy Blokes 15mm nap | 100mm

The longest nap in our mini-roller microfibre range, the 15mm (available in a 100mm length) is designed to get into those hard-to-reach spots when you’re painting. Excellent for tough projects with tricky challenges, they work beautifully with water-based paints and are particularly recommended for primers and topcoats. Ideal for use on the likes of weatherboards, textured plaster and surfaces, bricks, fences, and gates, the 15mm-nap mini rollers offer remarkable paint pick-up and release and a superior finish. Like with our 10mm-nap minis, there’s no need to lay off your paint.

Two Fussy Blokes Mid-Sized Range 10mm nap | 230mm, 270mm, 360mm.

The mid-sized nap in our microfibre range, the 10mm big rollers come in 230mm, 270mm, and 360mm lengths to suit a variety of painting jobs. This is the most versatile of our rollers, offering excellent paint pick-up, finish, and release. Able to be used with all water-based paints, the 10mm-nap big roller is commonly used to achieve a top-of-the-line finish on medium- to large-sized surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

Two Fussy Blokes  15mm nap | 230mm, 270mm, 300mm, 360mm.

If you’re looking to get a job done quickly while maintaining a quality finish, the 15mm-nap microfibre big roller is the product for you. The largest nap in our range, this roller comes in 230mm, 270mm, 300mm, and 360mm lengths and is excellent for slightly textured surfaces such as embossed wallpaper, uneven walls or ceilings, tongue-and-groove timber, and repaints of exterior plaster. The 15mm nap holds more paint and offers a work rate 2.5 times quicker than the 10mm but still results in a similar finish.