About Us


Hi there!

I’m Veronique, founder of Soul Decor Paints and lover of all things chalk paint and upcycling.

The benefits of upcycling furniture motivated me to design my very own New Zealand made chalk paint brand.

Soul Decor paints is all about making your upcycling experience a fun and easy process.

The sense of achievement when you create unique things to brighten and add interest to your home is very uplifting. You’re not only learning new skills, but you are helping the environment by saving one less thing going to a landfill.

Nothing beats that warm and fuzzy feeling you get inside when you’ve done something great for the planet. The Soul Decor Team encourage everyone to personally have a go at upcycling. You’ll be doing your bit to create a more sustainable planet which is pretty awesome.

Every single order is packed and processed with a huge amount of love and gratitude.

We are here to help each and every one of you for support and advice during your upcycling experience. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.