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Decor wax is amazing for adding highlights to any project and for making those little details pop! They are smooth and creamy and glide on with ease. Here are a handful of tips if you are new to using Decor Wax.

  • It is easy to apply Decor wax. You can use a brush, sponge, soft cloth, or your fingers.
  • A little goes a long way so start with a small amount. You can always add more. If you use too much you can wipe off the excess with a rag.
  • Decor wax should always be applied last on any furniture project. Wax is self-curing and permanent when dry and does not require a protective coat.
  • Decor wax can be applied over Decor transfers but transfers should not be applied over wax.


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Redesign Decor Wax

Redesign Decor Wax is always an easy go-to. Amazing coverage in a wide range of colours, leaving a beautiful glossy finish, makes decor wax perfect for light or dark projects.

wax ash greyAntiquing Wax

 The wax-based antiquing paste adds a beautiful, natural-looking stained and weathered look to your projects. Antiquing Wax gives you generous colour which can be thinned down by adding Art Alchemy Clear Wax to get more transparency! It works the best on light-coloured surfaces to create an aged and weathered look.

Metallic Waxes

The beautiful, metallic, wax-based paste will turn your artwork into a real treasure while adding an amazing, rich, metal-like finish to most surfaces and elements. Metallique Wax leaves a shiny iridescent finish and really pops on dark surfaces