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Tips and Techniques / CREATE YOUR OWN COLOUR


Our paints have been designed so you can mix and create your very own colour! This is truly unique and lots of fun.

You can now make your own colours using our online Colour Mixer, this tool will help[ you find the perfect shade for your next project. A great way to customise any of our Soul Decor colours is by adding Daisy Chain or Pavlova. They will give you more control to find the shade of colour you want.

The online “Colour Mixer” allows you to down load a copy of the colour you created along with the measurements to achieve this.

Select up to three Soul Decor colours to mix.
Add change and play with colours and parts to create your very own colour.
Our colour mixer automatically defaults to Daisy Chain our crisp white. If you don’t require Daisy Chain change the parts to zero.
Download the PDF to view your new custom colour recipe.
Use Soul Decor Paints to mix and create your own colour using your recipe at home.
(our custom colour mixer has been designed only to work with Soul Decor Paints Colour Range)
The colour options truly are endless!

Click here to create your custom colour