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Efex is the only genuinely bendable mouldings available today. Efex can also be stretched up to 2% to ensure a tight fit. No special tools are required beyond a pair of scissors and suitable contact cement.

Handmade History

The creative owners of Efex travelled the world to find new and unique masters for their moulds.

Every Efex is handmade and historically accurate.

Today they reproduce all of their patterns in modern materials and sizes that will fit your home and today’s lifestyle.

Think of it as a modern neoclassical tradition. All still handcrafted just with an updated twist. Moulded and poured instead of being carved in wood or plaster.

Where would you use Efex?

Efex can be used anywhere around the home including kitchens and bathrooms. Use on furniture, walls, doors, or mirrors. Use to create picture frames and boxes. In fact, if it needs decorating this is the product for you. Interior and Exterior use.

Can you paint on an Efex with Soul Decor Paints?

Yes Efex can be painted with Soul Decor Paints.

What designs can I choose from?

There are so many beautiful designs from trims and scrolls to rosettes, bows, and ceiling embellishments. All of the designs come from country charm and old world historic mouldings. 

Application :

Step 1

Trace the outline of your Efex with a pencil or chalk onto your project.

Step 2

To glue your Efex we recommend a contact cement like ADOS F2.  Brush the glue on the back side of the Efex and on the surface you are attaching it. You do not need a thick coating of glue.  

Once you have applied the glue you will need to wait for it to become almost dry; this can take around 15 minutes depending on application and temperature. Gluing the Efex to your project while the glue is still tacky will cause problems with it bonding to your project. For best results only apply once the glue is almost dry.

Step 3

When the glue is dry to the touch, carefully press the Efex onto the surface making sure all the edges are in contact with the glue.

Step 4 

Give the Efex 1-2 hours before applying paint or stain, it’s that easy!