Shabby To Chic

  • Use Shabby to Chic transfers to create unique home decor pieces.

    These are not water slide transfers.

    I have never used a transfer before.

    We  have included a practice transfer with all Shabby to Chic transfers so you can get a feel for exactly how this technique works. Plus, the more you practice, the better the results will be. So before you attempt putting your transfer on that perfectly painted project use your practice transfer.

    Can I use the transfer straight after I have painted?

    For best adhesion, it is recommended you wait a min 24 hours after painting before you apply your transfer. Waiting the recommended time frame before applying your transfer will give your painted project proper time to cure.

    Do I need a clean surface?

     Yes. It is key that your piece is clean and free of debris or dust before applying your transfer. 

    Can I wax before I put the transfer on?

    No the transfer will not adhere properly to a freshly waxed surface. Any topcoat must be applied after the transfer application not before.

    Can the transfer be used on a dark background?

    No . Out transfers work best on light coloured surfaces as they have a transparent background. 

    Can I put it on raw wood?

    Yes. The key is to clean and/or sand the wood really well so there are no particles or wood chips that will interfere and stick to the transfer. The raw wood needs to be sealed and 100% dry. Any dampness will not allow the transfer to adhere.

    What if I have two images on my transfer and only want to use one?

    If there is more than one image on your transfer you don’t have to use them both you could keep one for another project. You can mix up your transfers with other ones and create your own unique image.

    How do I seal my transfer?

    We recommend a water based sealer like Soul Decor Varnish for longevity and protection

    Step 1

    Your surface must be clean and the painted surface must be completely dry – recommend waiting 24 hours on freshly painted surfaces.

    Step 2

    Cut around the image leaving 5mm edge.

    Step 3

    Remove the clear sheet form the transfer image. 

    Step 4

    Place the transfer face down and smooth out from the middle to the edges with a squeegee or something similar e.g. credit card. While doing this ensure there are no bubbles. Apply a slightly damp sponge to the backing paper (do not soak) smooth out as you are doing this, it will help release the image from the transfer. Wait 20 seconds to ensure the whole image has transferred. 

    Step 5

    Slowly peel off the backing paper checking as you go that the image has transferred successfully- if not, apply the damp sponge to that area and press gently for 20 seconds before continuing to remove the backing paper. 

    Step 6

    Give your transfer 24 hours to be completely dry and seal it with a water based clear sealer, such as,SOUL DECOR PAINTS | FINISHING VARNISH