Can’t find the colour you are looking for? Don’t worry we have already taken care of that for you!

Our paints have been made so you can mix and create your very own colour! This is truly unique and lots of fun.

You can use our extended colour range or make your own it’s all about you finding that perfect shade for your next project. A great way to customise any of our Soul Décor colours is by adding Daisy Chain or Pavlova. They will give you more control to find the shade of colour you want.

When it comes to ‘parts’ you can decide what form of measurement you want to use just stay consistent and record your measurements every time you add a colour. You can decide the measurements, so if you want to interpret 1:1 ratio as 1 tablespoon:1 tablespoon or ½ cup: ½ cup that’s entirely your choice.

Visit our DIY Tool Box where you will find measuring cups that have been made especially for mixing paints.

7 1
1 4
2 5
4 4
3 4
6 2
Copy of 1 Part Tree Hut 1.5 part Half time
5 2
1 3
4 2
2 2
5 1
3 2
3 2