How To



There are so many ways to apply Redesign Transfers to add character and charm to your home. The possibilities seem endless. While most people apply these transfers to furniture, they work on glass, lamp shades, metal, walls, and even fabric.

Tip  The surface must be clean and dry before you apply the transfer. The transfer instructions recommend waiting 48 hours after you paint to allow the surface to dry well. I will admit that I didn’t wait that long. I have done these transfers after about 6-8 hours of dry time, but to be safe wait longer.

Tip  Apply the transfer directly to the painted surface before you apply a top coat or sealer. This will give the transfer something to grip onto.

The transfers are delicate, so use care when unrolling the transfer. The roll will be secured with a piece of tape. There will be two sheets to the transfer including the clear top sheet which is the actual transfer on a bottom white paper backing.

Decide if you want to cut the transfer apart to use only pieces of it, or if you will use the transfer as a whole. Keep the transfer attached to its white paper backing until the last minute when you actually get ready to apply it. Decide if it fits and get your placement right, laying the transfer or the piece of transfer on your furniture or item. Use painter’s tape if needed to tape the transfer in place.

After you get the transfer where you want it to go ahead and peel off the white backing paper. You can rub it down a little to get the transfer to mostly stick to the surface. However, you will need to apply some pressure to get the transfer to release from its clear top sheet.

The transfers all come with a plastic stick that looks like a popsicle stick that you can use to rub down on the top clear film to apply the transfer. When

When you apply enough pressure it should release from the clear sheet and stick well to your surface.

Sometimes it can be stubborn so gently lift up the clear top sheet as you go and make sure it is sticking well. If there are areas that are being particularly stubborn just lay the top clear sheet back down and rub again with the stick provided until you see and feel the transfer release.

Once you do this a time or two you will get a feel for when the transfer releases from the clear sheet. If there are little bubbles or spots just rub gently with your finger or the stick and see if you can work them out. It’s really like a bit of magic, and honestly so fun!