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Tips and Techniques / HOW TO PAINT A MASON JAR



Wondering how to chalk paint mason jars? It couldn’t be easier! To transform those old glass jars you have around the house into stylish organizers and vases right now.

Thoroughly clean the glass jars with hot soapy water and a soft dishcloth. Remove a from the jar. Place the jar to air dry or use a soft paper towel.

Use a cotton pad or paper towel with rubbing alcohol to clean the outside of the jar. This will remove any built-up oils, fingerprints and smudges from the jar.



Paint vertical motions with your paintbrush, do not overload your brush with paint as you want to avoid any drips. Paint a minimum of two coats allowing each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next



When distressing a  mason jar you want to focus around the neck grooves and the name etched on the jar. Distress your jars slowly and apply light pressure on the raised edges and grooves of your jar. A small piece of  sandpaper( 220 grit or higher) is all that is needed  this will avoid sanding areas you don’t want distressed- ( a nail file is great for the raised areas)

Step 5  When it comes to sealing your mason jars you can either use wax or vanish this will all be depending on what you will be using them for. If you plan on using them as a vase to put flowers in, Soul Decor Varnish would be a better option in this case.