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Get your workplace ready

Clear your work area and protect it from spills with a drop sheet or newspaper. Work on a non-stick surface by placing some waxed paper on the surface.Make sure your moulds are clean, dust free and dry.

Nitrile gloves offer better protection than latex. Have good ventilation in your work area, wear long sleeves so your skin doesn’t contact the resin and safety glasses.

Measure the resin accurately and follow the manufactures instructions

Measure the resin in the exact quantities as the manufacturer recommends. If you are of ratio, you will have curing problems. If it says to measure by volume, use graduated measuring cups; if it says to calculate by volume, use digital scales. If the instructions say to mix for 5 minutes, then mix for five minutes. There are no shortcuts when using resin.

Avoid bubbles and mix slowly

Bubbles are typically caused due to stirring the resin too vigorously. When you are ready to  mix the resin move your mixing tool in a figure eight motion, going slowly and taking care not to incorporate air bubbles with fast movements. Avoid  bobbing up and down with mixing sick as i can incorporate more air into the mixture.

Room temperature

If the temperature of your resin room is below 22C, your resin may stay sticky for days or may not cure at all. If this happens, try moving your piece to a warmer area or increasing room temperature; your work should cure dry to the touch after 24 hours.


Have cross-ventilation in your resin crafting room, weather permitting. Open a window on each side of your room to move air through the space. Use fans to keep the air moving.

Use a dust cover

The best way to protect your resined work while it cures is with a dust cover, like a cardboard box or a plastic container, that you can slip over the top to protect your piece throughout the curing process.

Curing time

Resins can take a while to cure; you can’t hurry it up. So resist the temptation to prod and poke at it, or you could leave a fingerprint impression or worse.

Curing time will vary by brand so make sure to check the resin you are using for the exact recommended curing time. This is the amount of time the resin takes to harden completely. Typically, resin has a 24 hour curing time.