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Phone and Laptop Photo Employee of the Month Blog Graphic 500 × 600px 3What is Saltwash?

Saltwash® is a base coat powder paint additive that creates a unique weathered look on any surface. Saltwash® was invented to recreate the authentic time-worn painted look, which the owners of Saltwash®, commonly had seen on the seaside cottage porches and furniture growing up along the coast. Their mission was to create a formula to replicate the layered, sun and salt air-kissed look, while also being quick and easy to use.

What makes Saltwash® a premier paint accessory?

Saltwash® is formulated with actual Sea salt and all organic compounds. It is proven and effective to give you the layered, weathered, sun-kissed, sea salt finish to any surface. It is the premier and original texturizing product on the market.