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Size | 1 litre

Epoxy Glass Clear Resin is perfect for resin pouring art, decoupage, photographs, mosaics, badge coating, tabletop art and any type of glazing, protective and resurfacing application.

This resin is self-levelling and dries hard and clear, great for deep glazing and varnishing.

Easily achieve marbling effects and decorative embellishments (resin pouring art), transparent tints and solid colours by mixing with Transparent Dye, Opaque Pigment, Metallic Powder Pigments, Alcohol Inks or any acrylic paint. What’s more, it has added UV stabilisers meaning it won’t yellow, keeping your work crystal clear for years to come. Conveniently, the resin comes in two equal mixing parts so no need for weighing to get the mix right – simply measure out equal level parts and mix together thoroughly with a large stick.

  • Perfect for resin pouring art, glazing, protective and resurfacing applications
  • Ultra-clear finish
  • UV stable and will not yellow
  • Easily tint and colour
  • Excellent air release, so less trapped bubbles
  • Improved flow for resin pouring art
  • Convenient 1:1 mix ratio, no scales required
  • Working time 50 min for 100g at 25°C
  • Cure time 18-24 hours at 25°C, 6 hours at 35°C

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