Soul Decor Finishing wax is made here in NZ using  beeswax ,carnauba wax and a non toxic mineral oil.


Always apply clear wax before you use dark wax on your project. This prevents the dark wax from penetrating and staining the paint.

Chalk paint is a very porous paint. It will quickly absorb the wax you apply so to prevent a colour change on your furniture, apply clear wax first.

Soul Decor Clear Wax can work like an eraser  as long as you have applied it prior to dark wax, if you have areas that you applied dark wax to and want to remove it, rub some clear wax into it and it will remove the dark wax.

If you have started with dark wax before applying a coat of clear wax, the only way to get rid of the stain is to sand it back down and start again.   

When wiping away excess wax be careful not to wipe the area over and over as it cause an uneven finish. 

If you wipe with the grain of the wood it will provide a really clean finish.

Wax must be done in thin and even coats. You are better to do lots of thin coats rather than one thick coat.

What you will need

Clear wax

Dark wax (optional}

Wax brush or a lint free cloth (this comes down to preference) a wax brush is better for getting into groves and corners.

Lint free cloth to remove excess wax.


Allow the paint to dry completely before applying the wax. Make sure your surface is totally clean from any dust or particles.

You can complete the sanding and distressing process prior to waxing, or wait until after the first coat of wax to start sanding. There is no right or wrong process with the sanding it just comes down to personal preference.

Step 1

Scoop out a small amount of wax and place it onto a paper plate or something similar. Spread it out on the plate to make it easier to pick up with the wax brush.

Dip your wax brush very lightly into the clear wax, do not  saturate your brush with wax. You only want the very tip of your brush to be covered in the wax, over saturation may cause issues with your project.  

Use a gentle sweeping motion making sure you wipe away any excess wax as you go with a clean lint free cloth. When your cloth becomes saturated in wax, replace it so that it will continue to absorb the excess  wax.

When wiping away excess wax be careful not to wipe the area over and over  as it causes an uneven finish. 

Allow the wax to dry ( 1-2 hours) then  gently give it a light sand and wipe away any dust with a lint free cloth.  

Step 2

Repeat step 1. Remember to always wipe away any excess wax as you go. 

When you have finished waxing, leave your piece in an undisturbed place for at least 6-8  hours so that the curing process can begin.

The curing process is typically between 10 – 21 days. You can still use your piece just be gentle until the wax has had time to cure. 

Your piece will dry to a soft matte finish . To achieve a gloss finish you gentle buff the surface with a lint free cloth, the more you buff the shiner it will become.



Soul Decor Varnish is a NZ made water based sealer. Our vanish is eco friendly, low in v.o.c, non-yellowing and no added nasties.


Soul Decor Varnish should be stirred before use. Do not shake the can as this may produce bubbles. If the can has been shaken, leave it to stand for about 10 mins to let the bubbles disperse. On application, this varnish is white in colour, but will become transparent as it dries with a satin sheen finish.

It is important to apply the product rapidly and not keep working the surface as it begins to dry.Water-based Varnish should be laid down with a couple of quick strokes. Don’t worry too much about the appearance of the wet finish. It will look awful at first, but water-based Varnish has an amazing ability to pull tight as it cures, like shrink wrap. If you go back and try to rework the film, you’re likely to cause a big mess. Doing so can result in white patches as the brush scratches the drying varnish. Resist the urge. If you see a dust speck, just leave it alone and fix the problem later with sandpaper and another coat. A minimum of two coats is recommended.


Ensure the surface is clean and dust-free. Use a soft wide brush, do not soak the brush in the varnish but rather dip the bristles only half-way up their length. Brush in one direction, being careful when brushing back over an area not to “lift” the varnish. If the varnish has tacked off (become tacky), it is starting to dry, do not brush over this area. If the area becomes tacky and is brushed over, the brush will pull the semi-dry varnish and leave marks and little particles of dry varnish.

Dry time

Touch Dry – 1-2 hours this can vary due to climate .


You can re-coat in 4-6 hours. Do not attempt to speed the drying process with a heat source such as a blow dryer or fan heater, as this may cause cracking over time.


11-12 sqm per 1 litre. This can vary depending on the application.

Clean up and storage

Soap and water. Do not store vanish where the temperature is below 10 degrees or above 36 degrees. Store your vanish in a cool, dry place.



Soul Decor Prime is a unique primer/sealer/undercoat based on a hybrid acrylic emulsion. This emulsion has outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including aged enamel paints and varnishes as well as most plastics.

What does primer do?
  • Covers imperfections
  • Provides a uniform surface for your paint to adhere to
  • Creates a uniform base for a smooth, seamless paint application
  • Neutralises the colour of your surface so when new paint is applied, the truest, most brilliant, colour shines through.
When to use primer
  • When switching from a higher sheen to a lower sheen finish, like from semi-gloss to eggshell.
  • Switching from a dark colour to a lighter one.
  • If your walls have been repaired or patched.
  • If you’re painting a humid area like a bathroom, which is more susceptible to mildew.
  • When painting unfinished wood trim or other very porous surfaces’
  • Soul Decor Prime may be applied by brush roller or spray. Thinning with water is only recommended for spray application.
  • If the surface is in good condition then 1 coat is enough otherwise 2 coats
  • Touch dry in 1 hour recoat 2 hours ( if needed)
  • Lightly Sand on the final coat
  • Ensure you have removed any dust before applying your paint