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Soul Decor Paints is a premier paint company providing you with our very own NZ made decorative paint. 

Our paint is a multi-surface paint that will adhere to almost all sound surfaces with minimal prep work required. It is perfect for painting on furniture, home decor and walls. With its beautiful soft matte finish, it makes it easy to create a rustic, vintage, shabby chic style in your home. 

Soul Decor Paints is an eco-friendly, low v.o.c, virtually odourless, fast-drying paint that is good for interior and exterior use. Soul Decor Paints is safe to use on children’s furniture, with no toxins or added nasties our paint is safer for your home and our environment.

Below are some frequently asked questions 

Do I need to stir the paint?

This stage should not be skipped. Our paint is highly pigmented and over time those pigments will naturally settle on the bottom of the can. To evenly distribute the pigment leave the can upside down for 5 minutes then carefully remove the lid and stir thoroughly. 

Where is Soul Decor Paints made?

Soul Decor Paints is proudly manufactured in New Zealand.

Why is the paint thick?

Our paint is thicker than other paints. If you are wanting to achieve a smooth finish you do have the option to thin it out by adding water. Pour the required amount of paint for your project into a separate container and add small controlled amounts of water (5-10%) stir thoroughly. You don’t want the paint to be runny or dripping from your brush. Another option is keeping your brush damp by spraying water on it when it starts to feel like you are dry brushing. 

Is Soul Decor Paints eco-friendly?

Soul Decor Paints is an environmentally friendly paint. It contains no harmful chemicals, making it safe for children’s furniture and our environment.

What is the dry time?

Touch dry 20-30 min; this can vary due to climate and the thickness of application. 

Can it be used outside?

Because of its versatility, you can paint anything from plant pots and sheds to back doors and plastic garden furniture. Soul Decor Paints will adhere easily to almost any sound surface. We do not recommend sealing your paint if you are using the paint for an exterior application; you need to allow the moisture to get through the paint to weather naturally.

Paint can tips :
  • Keep the rim of the can clean, this will ensure the lid can securely be replaced keeping the paint airtight.
  • Always pour the paint into a separate container. Never directly pour water from a tap into the paint can this could cause contamination.
  • To close the lid we recommend a rubber mallet or something similar, be gentle as you don’t want to damage the rim of the can.
  • Store your paint in a cool, dry place. Do not store paint where the temperature is below 10 degrees or above 36 degrees.
Do I need to do any prep work?

Typically all you need is a clean surface but if you want to prepare your surface with the best foundation possible a light scuff with 180 grit sandpaper will be adequate for most projects.

This doesn’t mean pulling out your electric sander. Instead most of the time a simple quick hand sanding will be sufficient.

Certain surfaces will require extra prep work such as laminate, raw wood, or surfaces that have loose peeling paint. Glass and ceramic surfaces should be wiped down using rubbing alcohol.

Suitable surfaces

Soul Decor Paints is a multi-surface paint that will adhere to most surfaces  


Most woods can be easily painted. However, there are a few special types that can cause a condition called ‘bleed through’. A substance used on manufactured furniture during the 1930s through to the late 1960s causes the ‘bleed through’. If this happens, stop painting and allow the paint to dry first before covering the affected area and the surface around it with Soul Decor Block and Prime. It will seal the affected area allowing you to continue painting.

Metal and plastic

If you are painting a piece that has a shiny finish such as metal or plastic, we recommend using fine-grit sandpaper and very lightly sanding your piece so it dulls the surface, this will give the paint a better surface to adhere to you also have the option to use a primer as a base coat A primer preps the surface and seals any stains so that the paint adheres well, and you’ll get the smoothest, cleanest finish possible.  

If you decide to not use a base coat then after your first coat of paint leave it for  24 hours before applying the next. This will allow the curing process to begin, and promote adhesion.

Brick and Stone

Any stone or textured surface should be lightly sprayed with water, this will draw the paint into areas that your brush or roller can not get into.


The easiest fabrics to paint are natural fibres and leather. You will get the best results with fabric that is pulled taut.

Add up to 30% water to the paint in a separate container and apply in thin layers, giving plenty of dry time in between each coat. For more information click here 

Is there any time I might need to sand?

There are a few reasons why you would need to sand. There are lots of people that still like to sand on a sound surface, it comes down to a personal preference. We recommend giving all surfaces sand for better results.

A rough surface -When your piece has deep scratches, gouges or an uneven finish, it needs to be filled and sanded.

Loose or peeling veneer- If your piece has a veneer, carefully check to make sure none of the veneer is loose or peeling. Any loose veneer needs to be fixed or removed prior to painting. Veneer will need a lot more prep work  click here for more information

Oily Surfaces -If your piece has an oily finish that has been repeatedly cleaned with a pledge or just has a super slick and shiny surface, your paint may not adhere as well.

Hardware changes- Sometimes the existing hardware leaves an indentation in the wood. If you’re planning to change out the hardware, you’ll want to smooth out those indentations so they’re not visible around the new hardware.

Can the colours be mixed?

Yes. This is truly unique and lots of fun. You can use our extended colour range or make your own; it’s all about finding that perfect shade for your next project.

A great way to customise our Soul Decor Paint colours is by adding the colour Daisy Chain or Pavlova. They will give you more control to find the shade of colour you want. When it comes to ‘parts’, you can decide what form of measurement you wish to use; stay consistent and record your measurements every time you add colour.

You can decide the measurements, so if you want to interpret the 1:1 ratio as 1 tablespoon:1 tablespoon or ½ cup: ½ cup, that’s entirely your choice.

What type of paintbrush should I use?

Your brush doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to have certain qualities. The bristles should be fairly long and flexible with a little bounce to allow you to be expressive in your work. Avoid brushes with bristles that are soft, short and too hard.


How should I clean my brush?

Use a mild soap, be sure to wring most of the paint out of the brush before cleaning. Then place the bristles under lukewarm water and clean your brush until the water runs clear. Always hang your brush, so the bristles are facing down.

How many coats should I paint?

If you are using a lighter colour over a dark piece you may need to apply 2-3  coats for maximum coverage as well as depending on the desired look you are wanting to achieve. For example, lighter colours like yellow and white will require more coats, while dark and muted colours like black and brown may only require 1 coat. 

How long does the paint take to dry?

Dry time can be between 20 – 30 minutes, it all depends on the thickness of the application, the surface and the temperature. You want the first coat to be thoroughly dry before you apply the next coat. For a smooth finish give light sand between coats.   

Why is my first coat streaky?

This is normal for the first coat to look streaky. Everything will look very different after your second coat.

Can I use it on children’s furniture?

Yes. Soul Decor Paints is a water-based, non-toxic,  paint that can be used on children’s and pet’s furniture.

Can I use a roller to apply Soul Decor Paints?

Yes, you can we recommend a 5mm nap to achieve a smooth finish.


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